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Activiti Service Task

A service task is a task that uses either an automated application or Software Web service to complete an essential step in the workflow process. At a high level service tasks allow integration with other systems such as Alfresco Content Services and Sharepoint. A service task may; Pull required data from an external system into […]

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Intelligent Content for Business Processes

This blog discusses how to use Alfresco Smart Folders to present content with intelligence based on metadata.  In particular it looks at using Smart folders to allow a user to navigate to content associated with a business process in context of the business flow. A Smart Folder is a virtual folder which does not physically […]

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Making PDF Images searchable in Alfresco using Transformations and Tesseract OCR

We had the opportunity to work with Liberty Asia (Liberty Shared) which is an NGO that offers free of charge cloud-based evidence and document management system using Alfresco for those working in an investigative capacity in anti-trafficking to manage their information securely.  There was a requirement to have the ability to search through the large […]