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Integrating an activiti Process with customer data using a Data Model

Easily integrating your business processes with core business information using activiti DataModels

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Integration Testing Activiti (APS 1.9) with Docker

Activiti is designed to be integrated with your high level business process.  There are many ways to integrate with Activiti such as using a Camel or Mule Task to interact with running workflows or start a new process.  Activiti also supports an extensive REST interface to allow applications to integrate directly or through an ESB […]

Unit Testing Activiti

Activiti 6.0 Unit Testing

Unit testing is an important part of the development cycle when creating a new processes in Activiti.  Unit tests can be used to test a full workflow from Start Task to End Task or for testing individual classes or beans that are used within your workflow for items such as service tasks, listeners etc.  Alfresco […]

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Getting Started with Flowable and Camel

This Blog discussed how to install and use Camel in Flowable 6.4.1.  Hopefully after reading this blog you will be able to set up the Flowable Task application to allow users to run workflows that have tasks which integrate with other applications through Camel routes.


Activiti Message Signal Thrower REST Endpoint

In our blog Activiti Message Signal Thrower, we showed how to implement a message thrower spring bean in Activiti and how to use Service Task to call that bean. But one workflow using a spring bean to throw a message signal while another workflow in a wait state is listening for a message signal might […]

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Options for Integrating with External Applications using Receive Tasks and Triggers

This blog discusses a number of ways to write workflows that integrate with an external application asynchronously.  In particular, how to handle the case when you need to wait for the external application to return for an unknown and varied period. Receive Task The BPMN standard has defined a Receive Task to manage an asynchronous […]

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Activiti Message Signal Thrower

Out of the box, Activiti provides throw a signal element which can be used to start another workflow or another task but there is no throw a message element as such. A message is more of complex kind of signal and the main difference between a signal and message is that the message has a […]

Flowable Timers Unit Test

Testing Timers in Flowable

Timers Timer Events are often used when defining BPMN workflows.  There are many uses for them such as starting workflows automatically once or on a schedule (Timer Start Event), sending escalation or reminders to users to act on a Task after a period of time has passed (Boundary Timer Event) or waiting for a date […]

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Embedding Spring bean within Java Delegate in Activiti

In our blog Activiti Service Task, we showed how to implement a service task by either using a Java Delegate or a Spring Bean.  But Alfresco recommends embedding or calling Spring Beans from within a Java Delegate Activiti as best-approach. So extending our Activiti Service Task blog, we are going to show how to embed […]


Setting up Alfresco Process Services Maven Repository

Alfresco Process Services is an enterprise Business Process Management (BPM) solution which is powered by the high performance open-source business process engine based on Activiti. Alfresco Process Services provides a powerful suite of end user tools and can integrate with a enterprise systems such as Alfresco Content Services, Box and Google Drive. When customizing, overriding, […]